HSBC Business Account

Rules and regulations of HSBC to successfully process batch payments


Supported HSBC banks:

  • HSBC Business
  • HSBC Corporate

Please keep the following information in mind when using the accounts payable feature. If you are uncertain on some of the following information, you will need to reach out to your bank.

  • Daily transaction limit 
  • Daily transaction amount limit
    • HSBC have a daily payment limit of £25,000 via online banking and £10,000 via mobile app.

    • This can be increased to a maximum of £100,000 via online with account manager approval

  • Bank account type

Additional Information:

  • Requires BACS payments to be enabled for the account you with to use for batch payments
    • Click here for steps on how to enable BACS in your HSBC account

HSBC 2nd table


How to cancel future dated payment:

  • If you have created a UK Payment that has not yet debited your account.
    You have created a BACS Batch Payment that has not entered the payment cycle. The payment enters the payment cycle at various times on Day 1 and debits your account and credits the beneficiary on Day 3. For example, if you create a payment on Monday to credit the beneficiary on Friday, the payment enters the cycle on Wednesday. Therefore you will need to cancel the batch on or before the Tuesday.
  1. Navigate to the Manage payments tab

  2. Select Pending payments ( you can choose to view or cancel a payment)

  3. Click on the payment you want to cancel

  4. Select 'Delete' and your scheduled payment should be cancelled