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Sending and receiving cross-currency payments globally

Learn how to use Crezco to send and receive international payments

Send money across borders instantly with Crezco 

Pay foreign suppliers, international employees or refund clients abroad seamlessly and securely. Crezco connects open banking payments with cross-currency payments to make international payments easy.


How to get started?


To use Crezco to send payments abroad, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to set up a call to run you through the set-up process and discuss your particular use case.

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After the call, we will then perform additional KYC / KYB verification checks to enable your account to settle payments to 90+ countries internationally. 

Once this has been enabled, you will be able to import international bills into Crezco or setup international payments manually within your dashboard to pay suppliers and employees throughout the globe.

How does it work?


If you have used Crezco before, you will be familiar with the open banking payment journey. The process is very similar to cross-border payments.

You will be presented with an amount to pay and a selection of domestic banks to pay from. The difference with making a payment to a foreign bank account is the money will be transferred into a Crezco clearing account which will then be converted into one of 50 currencies of your choosing and settled locally to either your supplier or international team member. 

A simple example

You receive an invoice from an international supplier in USD but you only have a GBP bank account with Lloyds. You upload the payment details manually or via a CSV file within Crezco and Crezco lets you pay the USD amount from your GBP account. It's that easy.  

Receive payments from the UK or EU seamlessly to settle in your local currency

If you export into the EU or UK, Crezco allows your customers to pay in their local currency (GBP or EUR) while settling the invoice in your local currency (whichever that may be). Neither you nor your customers need to open foreign bank accounts or international e-wallets. We make international payments easy.  

How to get started?


If you would like to start using Crezco to receive payments to your domestic bank account from your customers in either the EU or UK, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to set up a call, run through the set-up process and discuss your particular use cases.


After the call, we will perform additional KYC / KYB verification checks to enable your account for cross-boarder payments.

Once this has been enabled, you will be able to send payment links or invoices via our partners like Xero to your customers in the UK and EU for a more convenient customer checkout experience.

How does it work?


If you have used Crezco before, the process is very familiar. Either you can create a manual payment link from within Crezco's dashboard or merely continue to send your invoices normally via one of our integration partnerships, such as with Xero, Intuit or Zoho. 

The difference is Crezco recognises the amount you wish to be paid is a different currency to what your customers are paying in. Consequently, Crezco will collect the payments in the currency of your customers and settle locally in your chosen currency having selected the optimal conversion rate. You will always receive the full-amount on either the payment link or invoice. 

A simple example

You build wonderful widgets in China to export to the UK and EU. You want to get paid in Renminbi (RMB), China's local currency, but your customers want to pay in EUR or GBP.

With Crezco, you create a link for the Renminbi amount, but Crezco will recognise your customers are abroad and display the equivalent appropriate amount in GBP or EUR to allow them to securely make an account-to-account payment from their domestic bank account. 

Nobody needs to create a foreign currency account again. Crezco connects international bank accounts seamlessly. 


How long does a payment take to reach the destination bank account?

How long a payment takes to reach the destination account can depend on the destination currency and country and also the bank that you are paying out of but usually, payments are completed within 1-2 business days.

The great news is both the payer and payee will receive a live status link to monitor the payment in progress. International payments will not get lost in the ether with Crezco.  

Which currencies do we support?

If you are using Crezco to send money across borders from within the UK and EU, you are able to move money to over 50 currencies and over 100 countries worldwide. Here is a list of the support currencies:

If you would like to receive payments in your domestic currency from customers within the UK (GBP) or EU (EUR), Crezco can settle locally to over 50 currencies and over 100 countries worldwide.

In short, Crezco has extended the benefits of open banking (account-to-account) payments to cross-border payments. While Crezco can settle to over 50 currencies worldwide, the payer must be from a country which has implemented open banking and Crezco covers. 

The benefits of the payer having to use open banking payment rails are increased security and convenience, something we greatly value at Crezco. It is worth noting that Crezco believes open banking will have to be adopted by every nation globally in time. It is not a matter of "if" but "when" and we are ready to onboard each nation and bank one-by-one. 


How much does it cost?

We are super transparent with our conversion rates and there are no hidden costs. The payer will always be shown the real exchange rate offered when making the payment, which includes our variable fee. Crezco is always sourcing the real rate from the most liquid and competitive institutional sources and banking partners to the benefit of our customers and our customers’ customers. Fees are 0.35% per transaction.


Is my money safe?

Yes, as the payer is making the payment through open banking, all the bank account details are prepopulated when making the payment. This means that there is very little margin for human error, making Crezco an extremely secure payment method.