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Why are we free?

Why does Crezco offer free payments when everyone else is charging?

Great solutions don’t always have to cost you money. For example, people used to pay 20p per text message, and now we can do it for free with WhatsApp.

Account-to-account payments disintermediate the card collection ecosystem (payment service providers, payment schemes, merchant acquirers, card issuers, etc.). There is no third party to pay for domestic account-to-account transactions, whether GBP to GBP or EUR to EUR. For this reason, our domestic payments are free.



How does Crezco make money?

We highlighted above the term domestic because it is no surprise that we charge a small transaction fee for handling cross-border payments. Indeed, we do have costs for processing international payments. For example, it costs us £0.20 to receive any GBP payment and €0.25 to receive any EUR payment, but more esoteric currencies cost more.

We also charge subscription fees to enable additional features such as custom branding and bulk payments.

Read more about why Crezco is free here.

Quick recap

  • Collecting domestic payments is free and will remain free because the cost is marginal to us.
  • Crezco makes money through additional features such as bulk payments and custom branding, which are behind a paywall and require a subscription.
  • Crezco charges a small transaction fee on international payments.

Hopefully, you will find our premium products and features of sufficient value to pay for, but if not, no worries, you’re welcome to continue using our free domestic payments for as long as you like.

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