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Why are we free?

Why does Crezco offer free payments when everyone else is charging?

It’s a marginal cost for us.

We run on open banking rails and don’t touch the money, so don’t use the infrastructures of Visa or Mastercard. By bypassing these slow and expensive networks, we process payments faster and much cheaper, then pass these benefits to our customers.

Businesses only exist because they help customers. Our customers make more money by avoiding fees on their payments. Great solutions don’t always have to cost you money, look at WhatsApp or Google.

Ok sure, we need to make money, so how do we do that?

Right now? We’re VC-backed while we continue our product development and are in the early stages of our growth.

What’s coming up? We’re developing premium products that will add even more value to businesses like yours. We’re exploring different markets including FX and insurance, but our local payments will remain free.