Barclays Business Account

Rules and regulations of Barclays bank to successfully process batch payments


Please keep the following information in mind when using the accounts payable feature. If you are uncertain on some of the following information, you will need to reach out to your bank.

  • Daily transaction limit
  • Daily transaction amount limit - click here
    • If you are not sure what your daily limit is, please reach out to your bank
  • Bank account type
  • Barclays mobile app does not allow users to approve bulk payments on their phone. Bulk payments will need to be approved on a desktop, laptop or iPad.

When scheduling a payment to UK accounts - to guarantee they arrive same day, make sure you set up the payment online before 5pm.


Please note that banks are not able to support multi-authentication for bulk pay runs using open banking. 


AIB 1st table - 2nd revised


Barclays 2nd table

Additional information:

  • When scheduling a payment to UK accounts that are guaranteed to arrive on the day you make them, as long as you set up the payment online before 5pm.
  • In contact names and references, please avoid from using special characters (i.e '#' or '[ ]' ) as this can prevent you from being able to complete the single/batch payment


Canceling scheduled payment

  1. Log in to Online Banking (if you’re registered) and go to ‘Pay and transfer’ in the top menu.
  2. Select Transfers, standing orders and Direct Debits under the Manage and track tab
  3. (optional) If you have multiple Barclays account, you will want to select the account in which you wish to cancel the payment for
  4. Once bank account has been a selected, a list of scheduled payments will pop up. 
  5. Select the future schedule payment in which you would like to cancel/delete
  6. Click on Delete single payment 
  7. You will be asked to confirm and once you have clicked on the confirm button, the scheduled payment will have been deleted