Connecting your Crezco account to Duport

How to connect your Crezco account to your Duport App profile.

  1. Go to Duport App and click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner.

  2. Click on the 'Payments: Pay by Bank' tab on the left hand side.

  3.  Select 'Connect with Crezco'.

  4. You will then need to click to create an account or log in.

    You can create an account using an email or log in with different social media accounts.

  5. Enter your verification code. This will be sent to your email address, to verify your email.

  6. Select your bank and click 'Confirm'.

    Choose your bank from the bank list to be redirected to your bank. Crezco doesn't see your login details, we just take you directly to the bank. Once logged in, select the account you wish to be paid into and confirm to be redirected back to Crezco where we securely store your bank details so we know where to send money.

  7. Select your account

    If you have multiple accounts from the same bank you can select a specific account from the list.

  8. In your bank app, select 'Connect to bank'.

  9. You will then be redirected back to Crezco where you can then click on 'Confirm' to connect your bank account.


  10. You've successfully connected Crezco to Duport!

    You'll be redirected to Duport where you can now send your invoices as normal, but now with the handy 'Pay online' button for your customers.