How to raise an invoice in Haibooks with Crezco.

Invoice your clients through Haibooks and get paid with Crezco for free!

  1. Go to your Haibooks profile

  2. Click on the 'Sales' tab on the left hand side and then select 'Invoices'.

  3. Click 'Add new' on the right hand side of the page and select 'New Invoice'.

  4. Select the 'Contact information'. If they are not listed, please create a new contact in Haibooks for the customer you are trying to invoice.

  5. Complete Item list and notes. Include what account you want it to be recorded in, invoice description, quantity, price and add any notes where applicable.

  6. Review the invoice, then click on 'Save & Approve' button in the top right hand corner of the page.

  7. To send the invoice to your client, please select 'Send Email'.

  8. In order to preview the Invoice PDF that the customer has been sent, select 'Generate PDF'
    in the top right of your screen.

  9. Once the customer has paid you through Crezco, you will get an email confirmation and money deposited into your account instantly