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How to add a client account to Crezco

Read on to find out how to add your clients into Crezco and help them save money and time.

Follow these steps to add a client account from your main account.

(If you are a client of an accountant, you can skip to step 7)


1. Log in to your Crezco account.


2. In the bottom left of your screen, click on the company name and then select '+ New Organisation' 


3. Enter your client's company name. Click 'Create'.


4. You will then land on the new company's Organisation Details page


5. (Optional) Type your client's email and click 'Invite User' if you wish to invite them to the organisation you just created


6. Your client will receive an email instantly, notifying them that they have been invited to ' Join (Organisation name) '


7. They will be redirected to Crezco and land on the confirmation page.

Once there, click on 'Continue to Dashboard'.


9. The next screen is to connect their bank account and the only step they need to do.

They will need to click 'Connect Account'.


10. Select which bank you wish to connect to and go through the bank authorisation process. (Same process as a bank feed)


11. The accounts are now processed and the client has no further steps to do.

They can now send you a confirmation email to say it is connected. 

If they wish to connect to Xero/QB themselves, head to the 'Integrations' tab on the left hand side of your screen



Additional Steps for Accounting partners to integrate the client's accounting software.


1. Once the client has added their bank account you can now integrate the accounting software.
The first step is to make sure, bottom left, that you are in the client's Organisation. 

Click on 'Integration'


2. Click on 'Connect to Xero' (or any applicable accounting software tile)


3. Follow the steps to link the Crezco connected bank account to the Xero account.

This will make sure the payment links will be attached to the invoices and aid reconciliation. Once done they're all ready to go!