How to enable TPP access for your NatWest account

Step by step process on how to enable Crezco TPP (Third Party Provider) access in your NatWest account to be able to process pay runs

Note: To use Open Banking TPP Services for pay runs you need a role that includes the correct TPP privileges. You also need access to Bankline accounts that have registered for that Open Banking Third Party Provider’s Services. 

How to assign TPP privileges for existing NatWest users

1. Navigate to the original Bankline page and select the 'Administration' tab on the left hand side of the page.


2. Click the 'Third Party Provider consents' tab and then select 'Manage consents'. If you do not see Crezco listed there, please use the follow information to allow Crezco TPP access.


3. Navigate to the TPP’s website. Select Crezco and choose which TPP you want to use.

Please note: that you can share data with more than one TPP using separate consent requests. The account owner will need to give consent to share your data with Crezco. Select your bank account from the available list.

4. The TPP will then direct you to a dedicated NatWest website or mobile application (note: mobile application will only appear if you have the Bankline mobile app installed on your Android or iOS device)

5. Select the Bankline tab or if you're setting up your consent on a mobile device and have the Bankline mobile app, you'll be diverted to the app. 


6. You’ll need to authenticate yourself using your Bankline login details.

Enter your Bankline Customer ID and User ID, example logon shown below. If you are directed to the Bankline mobile app you can choose to use biometric ID (Face or Fingerprint ID).


7. Use your smartcard and enter the requested characters from your password, as you would to log in to Bankline.


8. Once authenticated you can either select the required account(s) you want to share from those available in the drop down list or leave blank to see the list of all available accounts which can be shared. Select each account you want to include. Once you’ve chosen all the accounts you want to share, select 'Confirm Access' to the selected accounts.


9. You’ll see the details of the access you’re agreeing with the TPP. Check the details and confirm they’re correct, then select ‘Confirm access’ for the number of accounts selected.


10. Once the agreement is successfully set up, you’ll be redirected back to the TPP to continue with the service they’re offering.