How to remove bills from a pay run

Step by step process on how you can remove bills from a pay run.

1. Navigate to the Accounts Payables section on the left hand side of the page

2. Select the Pay Runs tab up at the top of the page

3. Find and click the pay run you wish to remove payees from

4. On the right hand side of the page, you will be presented with a preview of the pay run. In the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the 3 dots stacked on top of each other.


5. Select to Edit payees

6. You will then see the option to click Remove next to that specific bill/payee in the pay run

7. A pop up will show up in the middle of the screen, ask you to confirm you would like to remove the payee from the pay run. If you are happy to proceed, click Remove Payable

8. Payee will then be removed from the pay run