International Payment Overview

Summary of how Crezco helps you send/receive money internationally


Crezco has access to two payment rails. We can either pay out local which will be the most cost effective option, however, you can make payments using SWIFT to any country we currently support.


Payment types 

Local (regular) payments 
Local payments are domestic or SEPA for EU payments. The payer will incur a fee of about £0.3 - £0.5 per transaction, but please note that there are some local rails that can be more expensive (e.g Fedwire). The beneficiary will receive the full amount. 


SWIFT payments 
SWIFT another option payers can use if local payment rails are note available to make an international payment. The payments are in the payee’s name.

There is a charge for SWIFT transactions as the payment is transferred the average cost to make a SWIFT payment with Crezco is £6. 

Countries that Crezco supports


Currencies that Crezco supports


Countries that support local payouts