Lloyds Business account

Rules and regulations for Lloyds bank to successfully process batch payments

lloyds bank

Please keep the following information in mind when using the accounts payable feature. If you are uncertain on some of the following information, you will need to reach out to your bank.

  • Daily transaction limit
  • Daily transaction amount limit is defaulted to £25,000
    • If you are not sure on the amount, please make sure to reach out to your account manager or look online
    • If you want to try and increase the daily limit, please reach out to your account manager at Lloyds
  • Bank account type
  • Lloyds does not allow multiple payments for the same contact to be processed in the same payrun
  • Lloyds Commercial accounts are not supported for bulk payments

Lloyds 1st table - new-1

Lloyds 2nd table