NatWest Business & Bankline Account

Rules and regulations of NatWest Bank to successfully process batch payments.

Please note that there is an ongoing issue with NatWest Bankline, meaning that bulk payments using this bank account are working intermittently.

NatWest Business accounts remain unaffected by the above issue.


Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 13.42.10

Please keep the following information in mind when using the accounts payable feature. If you are uncertain on some of the following information, you will need to reach out to your bank.

  • Daily transaction limit
  • Daily transaction amount limit
  • Bank account type
  • You may need your NatWest card reader or biometric approval for pay runs
  • Please note: NatWest requires all payees to be listed as a trusted beneficiary in your NatWest account. If you do not know how to add a trusted beneficiary please reach out to NatWest's support team for a step by step process.

Enabling TPP access and assigning TPP user role:



NatWest 1st table - new-1


Currency GBP
Minimum payment count 1
Maximum payment count 25 for business accounts, 15 for personal
Minimum total amount £0.01
Only trusted beneficiaries Yes


Please note - After submitting your NatWest bulk pay run, please ensure you complete the payment by using the following steps

1. Log into your NatWest account

2. Navigate to the Payments section drop down

3. Select the Approve payments section and approve the pay run you just submitted


Cancel a scheduled payment

If you select to future date your Bulk Payment, you can amend or cancel any of the individual payments that made up the Bulk Payment within the 'Manage scheduled payments' sections.  

However if you have chosen to send your Bulk Payment today, the payments cannot be cancelled.


If you cancel the payment/pay run, please reach out to us via live chat or email to notify us. The bank does not update us when a payment has been cancelled and we will need to manually update the status of the payment on our end.