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Our main products are accounts receivable and accounts payable, which can also be enabled for international payments. We also provide embedded solutions and access to our API.

Accounts Receivable:

Receive money straight to your account, instantly. We work with all major UK and EU banks, and partner with your favourite accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks and others, with automatic reconciliation and advanced fraud protection. Collect single payments and set up standing orders seamlessly, to improve customer convenience, reduce operational costs, and get paid faster. Learn more here.


Accounts Payable:

Bulk pay all your pending bills in one click, automate payroll send money overseas without the high rates and hidden fees. Import your pending bills and payroll information from your accounting software and then pay in bulk from your bank with a single authentication. Learn more here.


International Payments:

Pay or receive international payments directly to and from your existing bank account - no need for an e-wallet or virtual IBAN. Easy onboarding and competitive pricing - settling payments to over 100 countries in over 70 currencies. Learn more here.



Our API is designed to make life easy for your team so your customers can be sending and receiving account-to-account payments immediately. With sandbox environments, customizable webhooks, fast information and premium support, we make payments easy. More information here.