Invoice link for QuickBooks did not generate.

If you created an invoice in QuickBooks and the Crezco payment link did not generate, follow these steps to resolve.

Why did a link not generate?


When generating/submitting invoices in the QuickBooks system, the QuickBooks system has to “call” on the Crezco system in order to generate a Crezco payment link to show up on the invoice.

When a customer submits an invoice too quickly on the final page in QuickBooks, it does not give the QuickBooks system enough time to “call” on the Crezco system to generate a payment link. We recommend that customers wait around 5 - 10 seconds on the final page before they submit the invoice. This gives the QuickBooks and Crezco system enough time to communicate.


If a client submitted the invoice and needs the payment link on the invoice, here are the following steps they can take to fix it:


  1. Go to the 'Invoices' sections on the left-hand side of your QuickBooks account, within the 'Sales' dropdown.

  2. Click on the invoice that you created, then click 'Edit invoice' on the bottom right.

  3. After you have selected edit, the invoice will take a second to update.

  4. The Crezco payment link will generate in the Message on invoice box.

  5. Click 'Save and resend'.

  6. Email will be resent, and it will include the payment link.

This issue does not occur with Xero and Quickfiles.