Signing up to Crezco through SIF

Step-by-step on how to sign up for Crezco through SIF Health.

  1. Head to SIF Health, and either log in, or create your SIF Health account.
  2. Go to Dashboard, and then under their 'Let's get you started' section, set your business hours.
  3. Once done, save and return to the dashboard.
  4. Next, 'Add your services and prices'. Complete the service name and details and 'Save'.

  5. Go back to your Dashboard, then go to step 3: 'Set up ability to receive payments'.
  6. Once that's done, click on 'Get started' to be redirected to Crezco.
  7. You will then need to click create an account. You can create an account using an email or log in with different social media accounts.

  8. Enter your verification code. This will be sent to your email address, to verify your email.

  9. Select your bank and click 'Confirm'.

    Choose your bank from the bank list to be redirected to your bank. Crezco doesn't see your login details, we just take you directly to the bank. Once logged in, select the account you wish to be paid into and confirm to be redirected back to Crezco where we securely store your bank details so we know where to send money.

  10. Select your account.

    If you have multiple accounts from the same bank you can select a specific account from the list.

  11. In your bank app, select 'Connect to bank'.

  12. You will then be redirected back to Crezco where you can then click on 'Confirm' to connect your bank account.

    You're logging in directly with your bank so Crezco doesn't see your passwords or log in details. You're letting the bank know it's really you and that you're happy for Crezco to generate payment links so you can receive funds straight into your account. Each bank is different and once you've authenticated, you'll be taken back to Crezco.
  13. Confirm your default bank account and you'll be redirected back to SIF.
  14. Return to Dashboard and you are all set!