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How to enable International payments in your Crezco account

Step by step process on how to set up your Crezco account to make and receive international payments

Approximate time to complete - 4 minutes

In order to initiate the International payments feature, please email your Customer Success Manager. If you are not sure who your customer success manager is, you can email in to help@crezco.com.


Once you have received an email from the Crezco team confirming International payments has been made available, please use the following steps to verify your organisation - 

  1. Navigate to the top right hand corner of the page and click on the company name. From the drop down menu, please select Manage Organisation
    manage organisation

  2. Click on the FX Payments tab on the left hand side of the screen. If you do not see this option, please make sure to notify your CSM (Customer Success Manager)

    FX payments tab

  3. In order to enable you will need to make sure you check off everything listed on the FX Payments tab

    1. Business address must be in the UK. If your business is not headquartered in the UK, do not fret! Please reach out to your CSM to provide you with next steps on how we can get International payments enabled for you.
    2. Officer of the business will have to complete their profile with - Full name, email address and phone number
    3. Company needs to be listed as Corporate. If you need to change the company type, please navigate to the Organisation details  tab on the left hand side of the page 
    4. To verify your organisation, please navigate to the Organisation details tab, where it will say Verify organisation

  4. Please enter in the company name that you have registered with UK Companies House. You will then want to select your company from the drop down options that have been provided

  5. You will then be required to verify the company and the officers. If you are one of the officers/person with significant control, please verify yourself. If your name is not listed, please reach out to the contacts listed on the page to complete the following steps

  6. Send verification email to officers/directors

  7. Officer/director will then get an email from noreply@crezco.com, asking them to verify their identity. Once they have clicked on Verify your identity button, they will be taken to a page with Veriff

  8. Once relocated to the Veriff page, you will be asked to enter in your phone number. You will then receive a text message from veriff to confirm you are wanting to verify your identity. You will finish the verification process on your phone.

  9. You will be asked to take photos of a government issued ID (drivers license should do) and for a selfie. Once completed, you will get the following page

  10. Once both officers/directors have completed and submitted their verification, please notify your CSM so they can have our compliance team review the submitted information. If everything checks out, we can now verify you for International payments.

  11. You will get an email confirmation from Crezco once our compliance team has verified your company for International payments.

  12. Please then navigate to Manage Organisation. On the FX payments tab,  you will be asked to confirm to our International payments terms and conditions. Once agreed you can click the green button Enable FX payments