How to export payroll from Sage

Step-by-step process on how to export from Sage and import it into Crezco

Please note that you need to install the HSBC Net plugin regardless of which bank you bank with. This is because the HSBC Net plugin allows you to export in BACS format, which is the format which Crezco supports.


Please find Sage's official documentation on exporting payroll via e-banking here.


1. In order to export from Sage payroll into Crezco, you will need to install the correct HSBC e-banking plugin in Sage.


2. Once you have followed the above instructions and exported the BACS file. You can then log-in to Crezco.


3. Once you are logged into Crezco, please navigate to 'Accounts Payable' on the left-hand side of your screen


4. Once you are in the Accounts Payable section, please can you click 'Import Payments' in the top right of your screen.


5. Once you are in 'Import Payments', you can either drag and drop your file into the import box or you can choose which file you would like to import.


6. Once you have chosen the file, select the 'BACS' format and click 'Confirm'.


7. You should then see the payslips you would like to import into Crezco. Select the payslips you would like to import and then select 'Import X selected payments'.


8. You can then follow the following help article to create a pay run: How to create a pay run