How to import your Xero bills into Crezco

Step by step process on how to import your Xero bills into Crezco using the integration

Best practices:

  • Make sure the bills you wish to import are marked as Awaiting payment in Xero
  • Contact details should completely filled out (address, account number, sort code, etc.)
  • No hash signs or brackets in the contact name or reference
  • Disconnect your Xero account from Crezco and then reconnect to accept new integration permissions
  • Crezco only pulls bills up to the last 365 days


1. Click on the 'Accounts Payable' tab on the left hand side of your dashboard


2. Once in the accounts payable tab, select the 'Import Payments' button in the top right hand corner of the screen


3. On the right hand side of the screen, you will need to select the button 'Import bills' in the Xero tile


4. Crezco will then import all bills that are listed under the Awaiting Payment category in your Xero bills section up to the last 365 days


5. Review the imported information and select which bills you are wanting to import into Crezco. Please note that all bills will be automatically selected. If you do not wish to import that bill into Crezco, you will need to deselect that bill

    1. Newly added contacts will be indicated with a green dot next to their name in the payees column.
    2. Invalid references will be highlighted, allowing you to edit and ensure they meet the necessary requirements.
    3. Payees with incorrect bank information will be highlighted, providing the opportunity to correct the sort code and account number as needed.

6. If everything on the import looks correct, click to 'Import selected payments'


7. You will then be able to see those bills show up on the 'Payables' tab within the 'Accounts Payable' section, ready to be processed in a pay run. If you're not sure how to create a pay run, please refer to this guide.