How do I pay international suppliers?

Send money across borders instantly with Crezco

Pay foreign suppliers, international employees or refund clients abroad seamlessly and securely. Crezco connects open banking payments with cross-currency payments to make international payments easy.

How to get started?

To use Crezco to send payments abroad, you need to first verify your account.

Please follow these steps here for our KYC / KYB verification checks.

Once this has been enabled, you will need to enable International payments on your account this is under:

  • 'Manage my Organisation' 
  • FX Payments tab on the left-hand side of the screen. If you do not see this option, please make sure to notify your CSM (Customer Success Manager)
  • Confirm to our International payments terms and conditions. Once agreed you can click the green button Enable FX payments

You will now be able to import international bills into Crezco or set up international payments manually within your dashboard to pay suppliers and employees throughout the globe and settle payments to 90+ countries internationally.


How does it work?

If you have used Crezco before, you will be familiar with the open banking payment journey. The process is very similar to cross-border payments.

You will be presented with an amount to pay and a selection of domestic banks to pay from. The difference with making a payment to a foreign bank account is the money will be transferred into a Crezco clearing account which will then be converted into one of 50 currencies of your choosing and settled locally to either your supplier or international team member. 

A simple example

You receive an invoice from an international supplier in USD but you only have a GBP bank account with Lloyds. You upload the payment details manually or via a CSV file within Crezco and Crezco lets you pay the USD amount from your GBP account. It's that easy.