How to pay through a web browser

Read on to find out how your customers can pay a Crezco payment link through a web browser.

These are the steps that you will follow for paying a web browser:


1. Click on the payment link which will take you to the payment page. Review that the details are correct and click 'Confirm'


2. Select which bank you wish to pay from in the list provided.

3. The next page will confirm the bank after securing the connexion. It will have also generated a QR code specifically for this payment (Mobile app payments have fewer authorisation steps than on a browser).

You can continue to pay via browser by clicking on 'Continue to...'.

4. You will be redirected to your bank page to authorise the payment. Each bank has a different authorisation process. Follow the steps until you reach the confirm authorisation page.


5. The bank will confirm that the payment will be processed instantly.


6. You have now successfully paid through Crezco! If you wish for a receipt please enter your email address and we will send a confirmation instantly.