Setup repeat payments with Xero

Read on to find out how to ensure your repeat payments reconcile with Xero.

The Crezco 'Pay now' button on all Xero invoices, whether single or repeating, are single payment links. To set up automatic payments via standing order, follow the below process, to make reconciliation with Xero easy.



  1. Create a repeat Crezco payment link and send it to your client, to set up a standing order. Follow these steps here if needed.

  2. Then head to your Xero homepage and to your invoices.

  3. Create a new repeating invoice.

    Please ensure that the reference field on Xero is the same as the reference on the Crezco Payment link for reconciliation purposes.
  4. The monthly invoice will be sent from Xero automatically, every month, with the Crezco 'Pay now' button - please note that if your client has already set up a standing order (Step 1 of this process), then they don't need to do act on the pay button on the monthly invoice.


Please note: 

When creating a recurring invoice, you can turn off the Crezco payment links on the recurring invoice by doing two things:

  • Create a branding theme (invoice template) in Xero and remove Crezco as a payment service on that theme / template

  • When creating the repeating invoice, make sure you use the new branding theme and set 'Online Payments' to 'None'.