Accounting Partner Programme

What is the Crezco Partner programme?

We have created this partner program because the accountants we work with play a huge role in the growth of Crezco, so we wanted to make the partnership official! 


As accountants, you get assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be there, every step of the way in your journey using Crezco. They will be available to help you and your clients use Crezco most effectively and to answer any questions that may pop up. 


When you get started with our partner programme, you will benefit from fun rewards, discounts, and customer support benefits. You will also be positively impacting the planet with Crezco planting 100+ trees on your behalf! 


As you start your journey with Crezco, you will be automatically enrolled in our partner program. However, in order to become a Budding partner with Crezco, you will need to meet the criteria we have outlined below. As you process more payments with Crezco and more clients are added to Crezco, you will move into the next tier!


What are the different tiers? 

  • Budding with Crezco 
  • Blossoming with Crezco 
  • Blooming with Crezco


Criteria for each tier? 

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 16.24.51

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 16.25.02

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 16.25.17


Why have we chosen to plant trees?

At Crezco, we look to positively impact people’s lives. Whether it’s improving a business's cashflow, offering single currency payments for free or planting trees to help our environment. 


We chose to plant trees as a way to give back to the environment that surrounds us. We are aware of the deforestation issues that we all face on a global scale, and this is where we felt like we can have the biggest impact in fighting our climate change challenges. 


You can check out Crezco's virtual forest on Ecologi - click here



How can I add my clients to Crezco?

Please use the following help centre article to walk you through the process of adding a new client/organisation - click here

How can my clients add me to their organisation?

If your clients already have their organisation set up but need to add you as a user, please refer them to this article - click here

How often do you review the criteria of partners? 

We will check it on a monthly basis to see what tier our partners fall into under the allotted criteria 

What does Crezco consider an active client? 

Your client will need to have their bank account connected and, if applicable, integrated with Xero, QuickBooks or Quickfile if they are actively using Crezco.