Account Dashboard

Read more to find out how to navigate your Crezco account homepage effectively.


  • View your most recently created receivables and payables
  • Check out some of the other Crezco features you may not have gotten the chance to make use of yet in the carousel, including:
    • International receivables and payables
    • Custom invoice branding
    • Integrating with your favourite accounting software

Accounts Receivables 

  • On the accounts receivables main dashboard, you can track all transactions that have been processed using Crezco in the past 30 days based off of the bank account you have selected
  • If you wish to track transactions made to another one of your connected bank accounts in Crezco, you can change the displayed bank account by clicking the bank account tile in the top right hand corner of the page
  • To view all the payment links that have been generate through Crezco, navigate to the the 'Payment Links' tab
    • If you would like to sort through the payment links with specific criteria, you are able to click the title of the column (i.e. - 'Date Created') and we will organize from oldest to newest or vice versa. To reverse the order you would just need to click on the title again.

Accounts Payables

  • Keep track of all the imported existing bills that are awaiting payment
    • One option this tab is being able to select to 'Import payments' from either your favourite accounting/payroll software or directly from Xero.
    • The second option is to manually create a bill. You will need to create a contact for the payee if you haven't already
  • The 'Pay Run' tab - locate all the pay runs that have been created. This tab will show all pay runs that are awaiting payment and that have been paid
  • The 'History' tab - view all the bills you have imported and paid using Crezco. When a bill is paid individually or in a pay run, it will be moved to the history tab once the payment has been initiated.
  • The 'Contacts' tab - Add new domestic or international contacts and store them in your Crezco profile for future use



  • Integrations: start using Crezco as the payment solution on your invoices. Crezco can process domestic or international invoices
    • Navigate to the 'Integrations' section under the 'Settings' tab on the left had side of your Crezco page
    • Integrate with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho, Quickfile and more!

  • International payments to use Crezco to help you send or receive money internationally by verifying your account with us