How to raise an invoice in QuickBooks Online with Crezco

How to generate an invoice in Quickbooks.



Once your QBO account is connected to Crezco, you will be able to add payment links directly to your invoices. Then once paid, your invoices will be automatically reconciled.

It is important to note invoices have to be in 'Full Details' to allow customers to see the Crezco payment link. Click here to see how to check.

We recommend editing the invoice template to ensure your customers use the link. Please see here: Change invoice


1. The first step is to create your invoice.

'Save and Send' once the invoice is completed.


2. Review the email that will be sent to your client. Click 'Send and close'.


3. Your invoice will now appear in your Sales section.


4. Your client will receive their invoice via email under the format below. They can review the details and click the 'Pay by Bank' link to use Crezco.

(if the link doesn't appear please go back into Quickbooks and resend the invoice, there may be a timing issue with the servers)



5. The user will now be redirected to view the payment details in Crezco, showing:

• The amount to be paid
• The payee's name
• The invoice number
• Account number and sort code of the payee

They can then follow the steps to make the payment. How to pay via mobile or via browser.



6. Once paid the invoice will be automatically matched and marked as 'Paid' and 'Deposited'.