Setting up your new Crezco account

Find out how to set up your Crezco account.

There are a few things to get familiar with within your new Crezco account:

Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payables



Connect your bank

The important step to first follow is to connect your bank with Crezco so that we can start processing payments instantly for you.


Integrate with your preferred platform

Once your account is linked to a bank account you can now connect to your preferred platform by clicking on the 'Integrations' option within the 'Settings' tab on the left hand side.


Send payment links

Once your account is linked to your bank you will be able to send payment links direct from Crezco.


Pay employees and suppliers in bulk

Enable the bulk payment feature by subscribing to the Send Plus package and easily pay your employees and suppliers around the world by a click of a button


Send and receive money around the world

Enable your business for international payments to get paid or send money around the world